Ovarian Dermoid Cyst: Things To Consider When Faced With A Dermoid Cyst

Published: 19th January 2010
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Have you just been diagnosed with an ovarian dermoid cyst? Are you worried? Has it created a bit of stress and anxiety in your life? Ovarian cysts, particularly a

simple functional ovarian cysts are fairly common in women. The ovarian dermoid cyst, on the other hand, is less common. It can also be a more serious condition and should be treated under the supervision of a physician. But not to worry, because there are many things you can do yourself to help the treatment process along.

Like a functional cyst, an ovarian dermoid cyst most commonly occurs in women of childbearing age, usually between the ages of twenty and forty, although they can and do occur in older women. Unlike the functional cyst, the ovarian dermoid cyst is a complex cyst which means it has both solid and liquid components within the cyst. They often contain hair, teeth and bone tissue in addition to the usual fluids and often require surgical removal, particularly if they are causing severe pain and discomfort.

The good news is that this type of cyst is very often benign and therefore there is minimal concern of the development of cancer. Only one or two percent of ovarian dermoid cysts are malignant and these often most occur in older women who are post menopausal.

The ovarian dermoid cyst can, however, cause you extreme pain and discomfort. Pain in the abdominal and pelvic region of you body can result if the cyst ruptures or becomes twisted. Your doctors will probably recommend removing the cyst to avoid potential complications. Once your doctor has examined the cyst and determined a course of treatment you can begin taking some very important steps toward recovery.

Treating an ovarian dermoid cyst from a holistic perspective is very beneficial to the healing process and can help prevent future occurrences of ovarian cysts of all kinds. One of the most common causes of reoccurring ovarian cysts is hormonal imbalances. Poor eating habits, obesity, stress and other negative influences can upset a woman's hormonal balance. Your physician will treat the symptoms and cyst medically, but you can take steps to correct the underlying cause of the cyst.

Preservatives and toxins that build up in the body have an influence on hormones levels. Many of these things act like estrogen when they enter the body and are quick to create unwanted imbalances. Eliminating processed foods, foods that contain preservatives and junk food from your diet is just one of the things you can do to set a course for recovery. Adding vitamins, minerals and herbs will take you a step further.

In addition to taking the advice of your physician to treat an ovarian dermoid cyst, the best thing you can do for yourself is to incorporate beneficial holistic treatments into the mix and work towards getting yourself back in good health.

Discuss these options with your doctor although a holistic approach to treating an ovarian dermoid cyst will not interfere with any treatment suggested by your physician. In fact, they will help you heal more quickly from surgery and will help prevent the need for future medical treatments.

If you have been diagnosed with an ovarian dermoid cyst you may be feeling a little nervous and scared. It's really not something to be too concerned about but do seek consider the advice of your physician and take it as a signal that it is time to implement healthful holistic practices in your life.

Have you just been diagnosed with an ovarian dermoid cyst and are currently under the care of a medical professional? Are you interested in learning more about a holistic approach that will aid the healing process along and prevent future cysts from developing in your body?

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