Recurring Ovarian Cysts: Stop The Cycle Of Developing Ovarian Cysts For Good

Published: 04th February 2010
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If you are one of the many women who suffer from painful recurring ovarian cysts, you might be looking for a permanent solution. Something that can help you not only get rid of your ovarian cyst now, but never experience one again in the future.

I can imagine how upsetting it must be, to be treated for an ovarian cyst. Then have time pass, and have to go through it all over again when another cyst develops in your body. Understand that some women have a genetic predisposition to developing ovarian cysts but there are steps you can take to improve the chances of remaining cyst free.

As you may know, most recurring ovarian cysts are functional cyst. They develop during ovulation when either the egg is not released properly or the follicle that released the egg does not dissolve. In both cases, the follicle fills with fluid, seals off and becomes a cyst.

Your physician may have recommended prescription hormone treatments to help dissolve an existing cyst or surgery to remove it. Depending on the type of cyst and the size this may be a good course of action, but neither option treats the underlying cause of how ovarian cysts develop in the first place.

Recurring ovarian cysts frequently develop as a result of hormonal imbalances in the body. Your doctor may address this issue by prescribing hormones. Hormones, however, have unwanted long term and short term side effects and many women are reluctant to take them, especially for a long period of time.

Hormone treatments do not get at the root cause of the hormonal balance but only treat the symptom. The hormone imbalances that cause recurring ovarian cysts can benefit from a holistic approach. Hormone production is very easily affected by outside influences. Addressing those influences can help keep hormone levels in check and reduce the frequency of recurring ovarian cysts.

Research has shown a direct correlation between certain lifestyle habits and the development of ovarian cysts as well as emotional and mental influences. Women who are exposed to acute stress have been known to cease menstruating entirely and enter early menopause.

This is an extreme example, but it demonstrates the affect stress can have on hormonal balance. Addressing the issues in your life that cause stress is one step you can take to treat the root cause of recurring ovarian cysts.

Diet has a huge impact on hormone levels in the body, as well. Women who are obese or have a diet high in sugar, white flour, processed foods, preservatives and unhealthy fats are much more prone to developing recurring ovarian cysts.

By eliminating these foods from your diet and instead eating more fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean proteins you can support your body's normal hormone levels and diminish your odds of developing ovarian cysts.

A holistic approach to ovarian cysts often recommends a daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement as well as a variety of herbs. Taking steps to rid your body toxins and chemicals has also been shown to be helpful in maintaining proper hormone levels.

A holistic approach to treating recurring ovarian cysts can be incorporated into any treatment plan your doctor may recommend. It will strengthen your body and help it heal itself. It's the best method to never experience an ovarian cyst again.

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